Lake Almanor Laura, Savannah and Delaney arrived in Cameron Park on July 29, 2008 for the next day's wedding vow renewal of Laura's parents. After the nuptials, everyone took the trek north to Lake Almanor where everyone skied, wakeboarded, wakeskated, and more.

Superhero Camp The girls were at SuperHero Camp from July 22-26, during which time they learned how to be superheroes. Savannah became MerGirl and Delaney became Super D. Each learned how to fly, bend steel rebar with their necks, walk on broken glass, break bricks and wood.

Vacation in Hawaii We spent 15 days in Hawaii, visiting Maui, the Big Island and Oahu for five days each.

A Week In DC We flew home after a week in DC. Everyone had a great time. We saw most of the memorials (including Savannah's favorite, the George Jefferson Memorial). While Mike taught during the week, the girls all went a few hours south to Williamsburg where they visited the Jarldanes.

Delaney's Dance Dress Rehearsal Delaney has been attending a "Poms" dance class this semester. Tonight was their dress rehearsal.

Boulder Creek Festival While Mike was in Oslo and Stockholm, Laura took Savannah and Delaney to the Boulder Creek Festival.

Savannah Is Outstanding! At Peak to Peak today, Savannah was given an "Outstanding Student" award. She is only one of ten sixth graders to receive this award.

Kate Comes to Visit We were fortunate to have cousin Kate visit us for a weekend. She flew by herself from Sacramento to Denver to play for the weekend.

Disneyland We went to Disneyland for a bit of late winter fun from February 7-10. Mike's dad joined us there on Saturday.